Keith Shocklee, aka Wizard K-Jee, is a famous music producer and DJ having a long history of accolades and recognition. He grew up in Roosevelt, Long Island. a middle class, a mixed-raced community in suburbia.  At this time,  came into power implementing economic policies which cut funding for after school programs in communities like Roosevelt. 


Future hip-hop stars: Chuck D, Keith Shocklee, and his brother Hank formed Spectrum DJ’s, a creative solution to staying out of trouble and way to explore self expression with a melody.  Spectrum DJ's was offered a radio show that became so popular it earned them a record deal with Def Jam. They decided to change their name to Public Enemy to compliment their decision to “Fight the Power” and the song's release.


As an original member of “The Bomb Squad," Keith received notoriety working with rappers such as LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Rakim, Slick Rick, and more.  Keith is first to ask not to be put in a box or labeled “just a Hip-Hop DJ and producer.” Keith keeps artists in rhythm across many genres including: Janet Jackson, Bel Biv Devoe, Paula Abdul, Ziggy Marley, and Lauren Hill, amongst others.   ‚Äč

In April 2013, Keith was inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alongside childhood friends, Chuck D and Flavor Flav. The music created by Keith Shocklee holds a special place in history in addition to the Grammy Museum, Long Island Music Hall of Fame, and the Smithsonian Museum's Public Enemy an exhibit.  He continues to fight social injustices and fight for what is right.  Keith Shocklee contributions to music, dj culture, his community, and the world are undeniable.