"Rolling Stone Magazine" released a top 500 songs of all times and four songs on the list were produced by Keith.  He decided to revisit the Spectrum brand with fellow producer, Sean ‘Studdahman’ Devore, and renamed it “Spectrum City Productions”.  The production team works with top-selling artists, but also develops young talent helping growing artist navigate the perils and opportunities of the music industry.


Over the last decade, Keith has endorsed and been a brand ambassador for many of the leading music manufacturers in the industry providing.  He has also been a consultant offering unique insights into product design and functionality.  He has been booked to DJ and speak at conferences including: The DJ Expo, New York DJ Con, and the Namm Show.  The critically-acclaimed producer has also been requested to speak  at publicly at high schools, colleges, corporate events, and charity functions.


Keith continues to fight injustice, promote health awareness, create music, and maintains an active role in his various communities with a great sense of pride and responsibility.Facing enormous odds, they challenged presidential policies and rallied a young generation to stand up and speak up and let their voices be heard. Reagan called them “terrorists”, Rolling Stone Magazine deemed them stars, and their fan’s called them hero’s. When others picked up a gun, they picked up a mic.